Kettlebell Sport

The Nanaimo Kettlebell Club welcomes people of any age and fitness background to benefit from the great benefits of kettlebell sport! 

Kettlebell sport, like many other sports, gives a broad demographic the opportunity to reach higher levels of fitness and performance in a fun and rewarding environment.

Both team and individual sports help develop self-control, self-discipline, social responsibility, intrinsic motivation, and the resiliency necessary for shaping young (and old!) minds and bodies.  

Along the way we learn not just how to be better athletes, but also better human beings.

Even though team sports have tremendous benefits to offer, not everyone fits well into a team dynamic.  Being part of a team means being there for your team.  We sincerely believe that committing to something greater than yourself has the power to add value to your life, as well as others’.


Did you know that Coach Solly has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off since 2005? Instead of having a lower life-expectancy, he now enjoys a healthier and happier lifestyle. He has also stepped onto a bodybuilding stage while maintaining peak performance in kettlebell sport. Whether your reason is health or something more ambitious, Solly can lead you there!